Cattle: The Gift from God to the Maasai

The Maasai say that in the beginning of time God spoke to Maasai in his dream at night and said, ‘My beloved son, Maasai, your father, the Almighty requires that you remain in your house tomorrow. If you hear anything don’t stir.’

The next day, Maasai did as God requested. As he sat silently in house, God let down a wide belt from heaven to earth along which cattle came to earth. As they came, he heard the ground shaking under him. He did not stir. As this was taking place his servant, Ndorobo, arrived back from an errand. Seeing the stream of cattle coming down the belt and the large number already on earth, he shouted in excitement. On hearing this, God immediately withdrew his belt and said, ‘My dear son, you are scared. You want no more. This will never be repeated. Therefore, my son, love these cattle as I love you.’

Maasai then reprimanded his servant for what he had done and had this to tell him by way of a curse, ‘Ndoboro, you are stupid and so shall you remain until the end of time. You and your descendants shall forever remain servants to me and my descendants. May you have dogs with whom you may hunt the beasts of the forests, for God forbid you should ever drink the milk the milk of my cows. ‘And so to this day the Ndoboro lives by hunting and is never given milk.

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