Clove growers bag 54bn/-through mobile services

MORE than 54/- billion has been paid to the Isles’ cloves growers for the 2021/2023 harvest season through Tigo-Zantel mobile financial services.

Tigo-Zantel Zanzibar Manager, Salum Nassor Mohamed, said at least than 10,000 farmers have been paid through the mobile financial system in the past three years.

He commended the farmers for their trust to use mobile financial services, emphasizing that the services are safe, reliable and cheaper.

However, the Pemba’s Zanzibar State Trading Corporation (ZSTC) Officer in Charge, Abdalla Ali Ussi, said around  84 percent of farmers still opt to receive their money in cash, 13 percent through the mobile financial services while another three percent through the bank.

He said the rate is still minimal, but they will continue to encourage farmers to use mobile services as it is safe and cheap and can create employment opportunities for others.

“There are some farmers who still receive money in cash, even if they have a lot of cloves, what they are doing is selling in different selling centres or divide them into smaller quantity, which is not good for their security,” he said.

Commenting on the services, farmers have asked the ZSTC to speed up sending the money to Tigo-Zantel, so that their payments are not delayed.

Mohamed Said Salum from the Mkoani, said the mobile financial services are safer but sometimes they were delayed in receiving their money.

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