Will the new Act for PWDs guarantee better welfare?

DESPITE the efforts taken by the government and civil society organizations to fight sexual harassment, the incidents are still flourishing.

Sadly, people with disabilities are most affected by sexual harassment. They are raped and made pregnant and the suspects run away.

One of the biggest challenges is their low capacity to understand how to report such incidents and other legal challenges, especially when giving evidence.

However, society has the responsibility to stand firm and continue to fight against such incidents so that they can live like other people.

Majid Najim, a Communication Officer from the Zanzibar Association of People with Developmental Disabilities (ZAPDD), says the community has embarked on strategies to ensure that it manages the challenges facing PWDs.

Director of the Zanzibar Female Lawyers Association (ZAFELA) Jamila Mohmoud Juma, says sexual harassment for the PWDs is rampant.

She says ZAFELA takes various measures including monitoring cases of sexual harassment at all stages to ensure their rights are available.

He says the new law for people with disabilities will ensure a friendly environment for the group.

Ashraf Saleh, a parent who lives with a mentally disabled child, says that parents should raise their voices to ensure the protection of children with disabilities.

Bakar Omar Hamad from the Zanzibar Disabled Women’s Association says the time has come to protect the rights of people with disabilities.

Fatma Ali, advises parents with children with disabilities to cooperate with the government to address incidents of gender-based violence.

“The environment surrounding children with disabilities is still dangerous, so let’s continue to help them and build their capacity,” she says.

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