Heritage of Zanzibar began several centuries before birth of Jesus in C.4

The heritage of Zanzibar is extensive and very ancient. Researchers of the heritage history of these islands have given different opinions regarding the heritage of Zanzibar. The heritage of Zanzibar is told using original narratives, historical writings and antiquities. There are researchers who have claimed that the heritage of these islands began at the time when traders from Asia and the far East began to visit the shores of East Africa several centuries ago. They say that the heritage of Zanzibar began several centuries before the birth of Jesus.

The Jesus born c. 4 BC in Herodian Kingdom of Judea, Roman Empire. There are those who have explained the heritage from where the cities built on the Coast of East Africa began to grow. However, the evidence of the archaeological research conducted recently at Machaga cave, Pete and Kuumbi, Jambiani in South region Unguja has shown that the heritage of Zanzibar began much earlier before the arrival of foreigners in these islands. The research has shown that humans lived on the island of Unguja in the late stone age, approximately 30,000 years before the birth of Jesus.

The unfortunate aspect with this heritage is that most of the history is not yet fully documented or is simply not accessible for a number of reasons. Much of the information about it is in the hands of foreign countries (Portugal, German, Great Britain and Oman) or it is buried in old inaccessible publications done by colonial travelers and administers at the turn of the twentieth century or years before that

The Stone Town of Zanzibar boasts a nearly preserved urban fabric and townscape dated from 18th Century, as well as many excellent buildings that reflect its unique culture, which has brought together and homogenized various components of African, Arab, Indian, and European cultures over millennia. In 2000, Zanzibar was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with Outstanding Universal Value. It is home to 2,770 tall houses as well as numerous ancient memorials and attractions.

Due to the area’s global historic classification, the stone town as oldest city is reserved for only small-scale real estate development such as hotel, restaurant and refurbishing building for offices and like.

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