Bruising symptoms you should not ignore

Bruising is reddish-purple skin discoloration that does not whiten under pressure.The medical name is purpura, said Dr. Maulid Mussa of the  HHK hospital in Unguja, also explain occasional causes of the bruise like painful bruising syndrome; connective tissue disoders (eg lupus erythematosis); vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessel walls);platelet (blood) defects;lichen sclerosus et atrophicus (a skin disease).

And commends on rare causes like bone marrow damage (caused by cytotoxic drugs,leukemia or cancer); inherited blood-clotting disorders (eg,haemophilia); infections (eg, meningococcal septicaemia); deficiency of vitamin C or K.

According to researchers of the readersdigest journal in UK, show common causes of bruises is injury and be any size, and are usually tender to the touch.The original injury is often minor, senile purpura (age-related bruising): Bruises often appear repeatedly, are widespread and without obvious cause.This is caused by fragile blood vessels in ageing skin, liver disease (especially alcoholic cirrhosis): Widespread bruises of all sizes repeatedly appear.There may be other signs of liver disease or alcoholic excess, caughing or vomiting is tiny bruises appear on the face immediately after a violent caughing fit or vomiting, which increases pressure in major blood vessels. Also seen inside lips and eyelids.

Also,drug reactions like widespread tiny bruises appear suddenly.They are not painful, but you may feel unwell from some other side effect of the drugs (eg, steroids,aspirin, warfarin,quinine,thiazides).

Meanwhile, Bakari Said, Pharmacy incharge of Zan Pharmacy said, no treatment needed, but cold compresses reduce swelling and arnica cream may help to speed up recovery.If repeated bruising appears on areas not subjected to everyday knocks, if there is unexplained bleeding of any sort as well, otherwise no action needed, see medical help urgently: there may be a clotting problem, no action needed, it looks alarming but is of no importance in itself, see also medical help as soon as possible, urgently if you are taking warfarin.

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