Amihay Inbar: An Israeli philanthropist who fell in love with Maasai community

Amihay Inbar, was born on the 23rd of August 1975 at Haifa in northern Israeli where he was brought up by a Jewish Polish family.

Born to an ordinary family, he always knew he would do everything to achieve endless success. Every task he set was completed and he continued doing his professional carrier.

Amihay had founded a unique list of companies and solutions, in finance, crypto, information technology, and the arts sectors which placed him ten steps closer to being the philanthropic figure he is today.

He has dedicated his life to helping others. With his path of success, he has already begun impacting so many lives for the better with each day, from Tanzania to Israel and all the way up to Thailand, Greece and Ukraine.

In exclusive interview, Amihay said he extended his duties not only to Tanzania but to the rest of the world.

Amihay, a Director of Marvelous Foundation, a voluntary institution focused on supporting people in need, is doing important and exemplary work to help various groups around the world including Tanzania and Zanzibar.

“When the war started in Ukraine, using my own money and donation from my friends, I supported with high quality medical equipment to the military volunteers and civilians in Ukraine,” he said adding that after his small but effective efforts, he was well known and recognized. 

Amihay began his carrier by being the founder and former CEO of a large InfoTech company operating out of central Israel.

He has made headlines with his impressive achievements in the field. After selling his company for an undisclosed but respectable sum, Amihay dedicated his time to giving back to society and pursuing his passions of art, peace, and co-existence.

One of his most notable philanthropic endeavors is his work in Africa as one of the United Nations Ambassadors for Tanzania with a non-profit making IIMSAM.

This role has allowed him to work on numerous projects aimed at improving the lives of people in Tanzania and the region – such as providing access to clean drinking water, safe to consume foods, higher education, and numerous healthcare advancements.

“I have been travelling to Zanzibar to support local charity organizations, but I have also been connected to the Masaai tribe in Arusha and became their good friends. I have been supporting them with cows, medications, education and I’m still working with them,” he said.

“My goal is to continue helping people in need by collecting donations through my foundation,” he said.

“So far I have reached four communities of the Maasai tribe but my goal is to reach other communities in Tanzania, including Zanzibar, especially in the areas of agriculture, agri-tech and other economic activities,” he said.

He said he fell in love with the Maasai community and he liked their social and political development.

“I’m not committed to helping the Maasai community alone, but everyone who needs support around the world,” he said.

In addition to his work in Tanzania, Amihay is also one of the main founders of the medical aid, Ukraine NGO.

He said IIMSAM UN Non-Profit has been successful in assisting numerous families during the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, providing essential medical supplies and support to those in need.

Recently, he has taken a new role of supporting the Israeli energy, defense, and healthcare contractor, Blue Stream.

In this role, he has participated in the company’s activities in the Middle East and Europe operating in more than 50 countries worldwide, with a mission to  provide clean and sustainable energy, security, and healthcare equipment to people who need it most.

Beyond his philanthropic work and business pursuits, Amihay is also a well-known NFT collector and influencer with over 70 followers on his personal Instagram account alone.

He has used his social media accounts to advocate for the growth of this market, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

With his impressive accomplishments and dedication to making a difference in the world, Amihay Inbar is a true inspiration to many.

His work as a philanthropist and businessman has not only made a positive impact on countless lives, but it has also helped to promote awareness and support for important causes around the world.

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